Celebrating 50 Years of Liquidity

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Leadership & Innovation

This year we are proudly celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first Dreyfus money market fund, the start of our journey as a trusted leader in liquidity management. As BNY Mellon’s center of excellence for liquidity solutions, this remarkable milestone is a testament to our unwavering partnership with clients and investors.

This year, BNY Mellon is also marking its 240-year anniversary, honoring its position as one of the leading firms at the center of the US financial services industry since it began. We are proud to be a part of the BNY Mellon family and our contributions to its heritage of resilience and innovation. As the world has changed, our client relationships and people have been at the core of what has made us who we are. At BNY Mellon and Dreyfus, we work together, partnering alongside our valued clients to achieve their ambitions and foster their own resilience as the financial markets evolve.



Our primary goal has always been to optimize liquidity for our investors while managing risk. This unwavering commitment has resulted in 50 years of helping our clients through numerous market cycles.

John Tobin
Chief Investment Officer, Dreyfus




“In the jungle, among the money funds, there is only one king. Call Dreyfus for the Lion share.” Dreyfus Funds ad, circa 1992

Back in 1974, the Dreyfus money market fund was one of the first of its kind available to individuals, businesses and institutions seeking to optimize liquidity within a total portfolio. Throughout this half-century, we have demonstrated our ability to lead with vision, innovation and exceptional execution.

Liquidity Solutions Difference

Our commitment to be investors’ trusted partner has allowed us to guide clients through multiple market cycles and help them meet their financial goals.

Since the launch of our first money market fund 50 years ago, Dreyfus has grown and evolved. We strive to align investor-specific liquidity needs, investment time horizons and risk profiles with the current market cycle and offer clients differentiated investment solutions across the liquidity vertical.

Liquidity with an Impact

As a trusted leader in liquidity management, we are always looking for ways to provide forward-looking, intelligent and innovative solutions on behalf of our clients. At BNY Mellon, supporting our clients and local communities has always been core to what we do and how we do it. In addition to our day-to-day liquidity business, we leverage the company’s unique investment platforms and global capabilities to align our clients’ philanthropic goals with their liquidity needs. This unique approach powered by innovation has led to recent launches of BOLD® and SPARK℠ share classes, offered exclusively through our flagship money market fund, Dreyfus Government Cash Management.

We are inspired to continue our legacy of leading and innovating in liquidity solutions, and further solidifying our partnerships with our clients as one of the largest, trusted liquidity managers in the industry. We strongly believe our commitment will shape our future for the next 50 years and beyond.



BOLD® Shares

Removing Financial Barriers

Support Howard University’s GRACE Grant through your investment in the BOLD shares, which include an annual donation to help remove financial barriers and improve graduation rates for the most in-need students.

Access the Fund

SPARK℠ Shares

Aligning Financial and Philanthropic Goals

Manage your liquidity and direct a donation to an eligible charitable or other non-profit organization of your choice, creating alignment with your philanthropic goals.

Access the Fund