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Cash Management Professionals


Lion Internet System ®


An internet-based application that provides institutional and intermediary users with self-service access to account information, money market fund transaction processing, reporting and seamless interaction with the Dreyfus website.



Google Chrome is the recommended
browser for optimal performance.

Dreyfus LION Features



(user defined permissions by transaction type)

  • Purchases
  • Redemptions
  • Exchanges
  • Transfers
  • Dividend Accrual Debit
  • Transaction Upload
  • Transaction Approval

Reporting at account and/or fund level

  • Transaction History
  • Rates
  • Balance
  • Pending Trades
  • Maintenance History
  • Account Information
  • Same Day Trades
  • Estimated Daily Dividend Accrual
  • Wire Addresses

Account Management

  • Create a new account
  • Add a new money market fund


  • View and download current/historical account or fee statements


  • Product news
  • Important broadcast notifications


  • Online Factsheets and other product specific information


For access to The Lion Internet System, please complete the Lion User Access Form or contact BNY Mellon Institutional Services at (800-346-3621) or for additional information and assistance.

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Dreyfus is a division of BNY Mellon Investment Adviser, Inc.; Dreyfus Cash Solutions is a division of BNY Mellon Securities Corporation, a registered broker dealer. BNY Mellon Investment Adviser, Inc., and BNY Mellon Securities Corporation are companies of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation.