Sub-Advisory Solutions


Your decision to use a sub-advised solution is as much a business decision as it is an investment decision. Investment managers look to outsource money management for two primary reasons; broaden client investment offerings and/or potentially reduce operating expenses in non-core/non-scale investment products. Selecting a partner with the expertise to successfully manage the process seamlessly is an important decision. As an industry leader in the manufacturing and distribution of money fund assets, we understand the importance of this asset class and have proven expertise in the management of money market fund investment pools.

With more than 25 years of experience serving in a sub-advisory role, we believe our strength as a partner may benefit you. Customizable solutions leverage our portfolio, credit, risk management, fund administration, and compliance infrastructure. Money market funds are a core business for Dreyfus. We continually invest in our investment management and client service delivery platforms to meet the regulatory, compliance and distribution requirements you would expect when providing premium investment products.



Our money market investment portfolios serve both the institutional and retail marketplace. We employ an experienced investment management and credit team solely dedicated to the money market asset class. Our key approach to managing money market funds is to seek to deliver competitive returns while managing risks to preserve shareholder principal and provide daily liquidity. Our capabilities span all money market asset classes, including prime, treasury, U.S. government, national/state-specific municipals and U.S. dollar offshore money market funds.

Our expansive money market offerings are supported by a highly tenured team of compliance and risk professionals that help to ensure our investment process is managed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Complementing this team are our robust compliance and risk policies that have been cultivated to support a large and diverse financial organization. The Dreyfus sales team is located regionally and is expert in the nuances of money market funds. We employ a consultative approach to the money market asset class that caters to some of the largest financial institutions, resulting in long-lasting client relationships that span decades. 

We maintain a service and operations call center that supports the financial intermediary community relating to our money market fund offerings and can provide home office support for your organization. Our call center delivers high quality service to institutional clients with dedicated licensed service representatives who strive to meet specific needs on an ongoing basis.

As a customer-focused organization, we continually strive to meet the investment goals of our clients. We seek to work with partners who share the belief that cutting edge cash management services can fuel growth. Whether you are looking for an adviser to launch and manage your own fund or looking to outsource the investment management and/or administration functions of your existing money market fund(s), we have the resources and expertise to meet your specific needs. As your firm considers this new endeavor, we are confident that we will make an outstanding partner focused on growing your business and complementing your goals.


Sub-Advisory Lifecycle

We have the unique ability to turn experience and insight into action.

Sub-Advisory Lifecycle