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IntraFi® Network DepositsSM
Sweep Product


In today's dynamic financial landscape, many investors are asking some critical questions before deciding where to put their liquid assets. How can I be sure my money will be safe? Will I have ready access to it in the event of a financial emergency? Will I receive ongoing interest income?

Our program offers a powerful solution to your clients cash needs. The program enables your customers to safeguard a portion of their assets through highly liquid, interest-bearing accounts. Dreyfus has entered into a strategic partnership with lntraFi Network LLC to offer our clients a deposit sweep option to place cash into deposit accounts at FDIC-insured depository institutions. The IntraFi Network Deposits sweep product is a multi-bank deposit program that is designed to complement traditional money market mutual funds. The IntraFi Network Deposits does not involve investment in a money market mutual fund.


Access to FDIC Insurance: Your customers cash balance is automatically placed using the IntraFi Network Deposits sweep product, which provides access to Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insurance through multiple banks up to an aggregate of $2,500,000 ($5,000,000 for joint accounts). These balances are not covered under the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). This level of coverage gives your money insurance protection in an amount that is greater than what is currently available at a single banking institution.

Tiered Interest Rates - Flexible rate tiering can enhance revenue to your firm. The program can be tiered by total cash balances, total assets (individual or household), market segment or service class. Customers have the potential of earning daily interest at higher rates based on the growth of their brokerage account balances.

Daily Liquidity - Our program provides your customers with daily liquidity so they can easily access their cash balances to meet short-term expenses or other funding needs.

Easy Cash Management - Our program can be integrated with checkwriting and debit card services offered through your financial organization, to provide a single account from which you can control all your investment, payment and withdrawal options.


What is the FDIC? The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is an independent government agency created by Congress in 1933 to maintain stability and confidence in the nation's banking system. The agency insures deposits in each member institution up to $250,000 per depositor, per ownership category.

What Is a "Multi-Bank Deposit Sweep" Program? A multi-bank deposit sweep is a program that automatically transfers ("sweeps") balances between your customers brokerage account and one or more bank accounts as applicable, while providing daily interest on cash balances. The goal is to keep customers' assets working and maximize investment return in a conservative and efficient manner.


The "Multi-Bank" Approach - FDIC insurance covers both the principal and accrued interest in each bank account up to $250,000 per depositor, per ownership category, for each FDIC-member bank where money is deposited. Placing your customers funds in deposit accounts at multiple banks using our multi-bank deposit sweep program can significantly increase their total FDIC insurance coverage up to $2.5 million. This is accomplished by depositing their assets among multiple participating institutions (participating banks) as determined by your available cash balance. To help their balance (including accrued interest) receive the maximum amount of FDIC coverage available, the program limits the amount of your deposits held at any one institution.

Bank "Opt Out" Option IntraFi Network Deposits utilizes a priority list of available banking institutions to determine the order in which customer assets are to be deposited. Since you may already have FDIC-insured deposits at some of these institutions, the program allows them the flexibility to "opt out" of a bank on the priority list-in other words, to designate a bank as ineligible to receive their deposits at any time.*

When your customers opt out of a bank, their remaining deposit is placed at the next available bank, in the order of the priority list, in an amount at each bank that is under the FDIC maximum deposit insurance amount.

Account Eligibility - IntraFi Network Deposits can be offered to individual and joint accounts as well as certain types of retirement accounts, including IRAs, Section 457 plans and self-directed Keogh plans.

How Does the Program Work

*A customer is responsible for monitoring the total amount of deposits held with any one bank, directly or through an intermediary, in order to determine the extent of deposit insurance coverage available on their deposits, including the program. Neither Dreyfus Cash Investment Strategies, BNY Mellon Securities Corporation, your Introducing Financial Institution ("IFI") nor your IFl's clearing agent is responsible for any insured or uninsured portion of the Program accounts or any other deposits held outside the product.

This material has been distributed for informational purposes only and should not be considered as investment advice or a recommendation of any particular security, strategy or investment product. Please consult a legal, tax or financial professional in order to determine whether an investment product or service is appropriate for a particular situation.

IntraFi Network Deposits enables customer balances at a custodial agent, including a broker-dealer, to be swept to deposit accounts at multiple FDIC-insured depository institutions. IntraFi Network Deposits does not involve investment in a money market fund. IntraFi Network Deposits is operated by IntraFi Network LLC and is offered through private label arrangement with the Dreyfus Cash Solutions division of BNY Mellon Securities Corporation (BNYMSC). BNYMSC is a subsidiary of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation (BNY Mellon). lntraFi Network LLC is not affiliated with BNY Mellon. Unlike the IntraFi Network Deposits sweep product, which offers FDIC insurance on cash deposits, money market mutual funds are not FDIC-insured and involve risk to principal.

BNY Mellon Investment Management is one of the world's leading investment management organizations and one of the top U.S. wealth managers, encompassing BNY Mellon's affiliated investment management firms, wealth management organization and global distribution companies. BNY Mellon is the corporate brand of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation and may also be used as a generic term to reference the Corporation as a whole or its various subsidiaries generally.

Dreyfus is a division of BNY Mellon Investment Adviser, Inc., a registered investment adviser; and investment manager of Dreyfus money market funds. Dreyfus CIS does not provide any services to the Insured Network Deposit Service. Dreyfus Cash Solutions is a division of BNY Mellon Securities Corporation, a registered broker dealer and distributor for the IntraFi Network Deposits. The Bank of New York Mellon (BNYM) is a NY state-chartered bank and BNY Mellon National Association (BNY Mellon, N.A.) is a national banking association. Both are subsidiaries of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation and both may participate in the products by holding your funds in Deposit Accounts.